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Welcome to Restoration Counseling!

During the most difficult times in life, guidance and support from compassionate professionals can be instrumental in bringing about a change for the better. Clients may seek out individual, couples, EMDR therapy, or mental health counseling to help sort out their lives or relationships. We are here to help!

“To restore means to face the area of loss and restructure it, creating a new structure. Most of the time when we think of restoration we are stuck or hurting, stuck at something in our past. A lot of times when we come upon restoration, stuck, hurting, our life not progressing past that point- We must take the next step forward in order to re-build.”

Stephanie Baker, MS, LCPC, NCC

Stephanie Baker, MS, LCPC, NCC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family studies, and a Bachelors in Psychology from Northwest Nazarene University. Stephanie has been practicing for over 10 years, EMDR Certified, Gottman trained, EFT Trained, APSATS trained, a Certified Life Coach, and Registered Clinical Supervisor to local counselors.

Stephanie believes no one goes through life without some type of trauma, struggle, loss, or brokenness, which needs to be resolved. In counseling, clients can expect to gain new insights leading to greater self-understanding, an ability to connect past root issues with current symptoms, an exploration into unhelpful thinking patterns or core beliefs, and an understanding of how to replace those with healthier patterns.

Stephanie works with clients on unresolved events from the past, those dealing with relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, or feeling triggered. Her approach emphasizes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is a brain-based approach to therapy that has helped many find relief from stress, anxiety, or traumas.

Stephanie offers intensive counseling options for those seeking to condense therapy into a more focused and in-depth format to accelerate healing and growth. Along with treating various traumas, Stephanie’s practice includes specialized programming for individuals and relationships impacted by discovery of porn/sex addiction and betrayal.

Stephanie seeks to help clients feel valued and empowered to explore life issues leading to a natural growth process. Stephanie’s passionate about helping people uncover who they really are and realize their full potential. With a trusted counselor along-side, you can journey toward greater personal growth, self-understanding, and wholeness.

Jennifer Browning

Jennifer Browning is a Pre-Licensed Professional, working towards a Masters in Counseling from Hope International University. Jennifer is EMDR Trained, Certified NOVA Victim Advocate, Certified Prepare/Enrich Couples Facilitator, APSATS Trained, and a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach.

Jennifer offers the following services: counseling for teens, Christian marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling, individual therapy, and trauma work. She has successfully worked with at risk teens and families in crisis center settings in the past. Jennifer believes you have what it takes with-in you to build on your strengths and work towards lasting change. Reduced rates available. Email Jennifer at jennifer@restorationcounselingboise.com or phone 720-217-3550

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