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Do you need an accepting and comfortable environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings? Are you having difficulties in moving forward because of outside stresses? Do you want to bring back hope in your life and recover from anxiety, depression, or abuse?

At Restoration Counseling, we understand your need for a renewed sense of belonging and purpose. Whether you are in need of counseling for trauma or a Christian marriage counselor, you can depend on us to assist in the healing process. Even on your darkest day, there is always hope.

We are here to help you realize the opportunities that are present in your life. You can make the choice to live better today. You can take the first step to a life that is free from negativity and full of confidence. Get in touch with Restoration Counseling today and schedule an appointment.


We provide a safe, understanding, and confidential environment where clients can work with our counselors,  to bring back meaning and hope into their lives. Through one-on-one discussions with a therapist, clients can achieve greater self-knowledge and continuous personal growth.


Counseling can help individuals experience invigoration and begin to thrive after a troubled period in their lives. Anger, addiction, traumatic events, anxiety, depression, tragic losses, and other relational issues are some of the reasons for individual counseling. Having access to a compassionate listener that can offer an objective perspective can pave the way for healing and improvement.


Couples therapy addresses many aspects of the relationship. With the help of an objective other, couples may be offered new perspectives, insights, or suggestions to enhance relationship satisfaction. Working together with a couples counselor can be a game changer as couples may gain the tools to communicate better, succeed, and thrive!


Restoration Counseling strives to provide a safe environment, empathy, and warmth that make youth feel comfortable and open. Teens may be struggling and in need of someone to offer a listening ear. We enjoy finding creative ways to engage teens in the counseling process, while maintaining an understanding of their unique needs and perspective.


For those seeking a Christian based counselor in the area, our approach around issues of faith is sensitive to client need, along with, mercy minded. Clients may wish to explore spiritual concerns in the therapy setting or just have a faith-based counselor assisting them. While this specialty is offered, clients of all spiritual or religious backgrounds are welcome in therapy.

EMDR & Intensives

EMDR therapy is a brain-based approach to therapy that has helped many people find relief from stress, burnout, anxiety, or trauma. EMDR is also an evidenced-based treatment approach utilized in therapy.

We offer customized EMDR & Intensive therapy to sling-shot your growth process, and minimize your weekly therapy time commitment. We find completing several hours of counseling at a time can be a more focused and in-depth way to accelerate growth and target areas of concern.

In our EMDR & Intensives, clients work with one of our counselors to uncover soul wounds connected to current struggles. Deep dive into their identity and re-interpret life from a new lens. Clients may gain clarity on shaping events, life patterns, beliefs, and ways to walk out your authentic personhood in a new way, identifying your unique strengths along the way.

Intensives formats can allow clients to go deeper than weekly sessions allow and find success faster with a condensed format. Try our 3-hour, 6-hour, or two-day customized intensive to boost recovery. Contact us today for an initial consultation!

Betrayal Trauma Support

We offer specialized guidance and counseling for those dealing with all stages of betrayal trauma and discovery of porn/sex addictions. We offer the space for internal processing and change to take place. Our practice also includes specialized programming for couples and relationships impacted by deceptive sexuality, sex/porn addiction, and betrayal.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

Restoration Counseling near Boise was founded because of a sincere desire to help people who are facing difficulties in life. Our counselor uses an integrated approach to counseling to better address the unique needs of each client. By utilizing various methods, such as Adlerian, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman Method, Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma Informed approaches, Stephanie is able to help clients realize their true value and potential.

If you are in need of Christian marriage counseling or individual therapy, get in touch with us today and set an appointment. Call us today at 208.972.2732 or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.